18-Wheeler Crashes

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2018 at 8:22 pm    

We all know when 18-Wheeler Accidents happen, the results can be devastating. What many folks may not know is that Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies are required to follow strict regulations to ensure your safety on the road. Examples of these Violations include too many hours on the road, log book tampering, improper load, violations of weight restrictions.

An attorney experienced in these types of cases will know what to investigate and what questions to ask to find all responsible parties, ranging from maintenance companies to the companies who loaded the freight. An experienced attorney will also know that this investigation needs to start very quickly!

Most folks know that there are advantages to getting an investigation started as soon as possible after any accident, but after a large truck wreck, it is essential! At our office, we would prefer to begin our trucking accident investigations within 24 hours when possible.  This can prevent vital evidence from being lost, or weather coming in and changing the scene of the accident, like washing away skid marks.

It is also important to get out there and investigate quickly because the trucking company, and/or their insurance company, will have investigators on the scene within hours of the wreck. These investigators, who work for the insurance company, not the victims, will be doing everything they can to minimize what they have to pay. Roberts Wilson, P.A. Injury Lawyers can dispatch a skilled Crash Investigator immediately to preserve and gather evidence in many situations.  This protects our clients and can be the key to a case in many instances.

Ambulance Chaser Warning:

There are few types of cases where “Ambulance Chasers” are more prevalent than in 18-wheeler cases.  These are lawyers that will do anything to get a case, including break the law by doing things like offering to pay potential clients to get them to hire them.  This is unethical and illegal! Hiring an attorney that is willing to break the rules can be a dangerous proposition.  A lawyer that is willing to cheat to get your case, may be willing to cheat while handling your case and this can be disastrous for your claim.  Always research a lawyer, that you have never met, who contacts you out of nowhere after an accident, it could save you a lot of trouble.  And believe me, there are plenty of lawyers out there who know exactly what to do after a serious accident that don’t have to break the rules to get their cases.

What do we do after a truck wreck?

The Mississippi Truck Injury Lawyers at Roberts Wilson, P.A. stop the chaos and end unwanted communications after an 18-wheeler Accident. We do everything we can to protect your rights and work to be sure you or your family is properly compensated.

You may be wondering How The Process Works.  While every case is different, the following generally occurs in most cases after we are hired:

  • Take Photos of Vehicles
  • Dispatch Crash Scene Investigators
  • Stop All Communications Between Our Client and Insurance Companies and ambulance chasers.
  • Contact The Person Who Caused The Wreck or Their Insurance Company
  • Contact Our Client’s Insurance Company
  • Check For Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Gather Medical Records
  • Demand Settlement
  • Negotiate With The Insurance Company
  • File Suit If Insurance Company Won’t Pay What Client Deserves!

For a Free Initial Consultation, you can Call us at (662) 533-9111 or chat with our Website Receptionist. An Attorney or Representative of our firm is available to come to your home or visit you in the hospital when we take a case.