Mississippi Ponzi Scheme

Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2018 at 12:46 pm    

In a fraud case that Mississippi hasn’t seen the likes of since Bernie Ebbers went to prison over the WorldCom scam in 2005, we find Madison Businessman, Lamar Adams.  And he is in some hot water.  Alleged to have defrauded investors and “friends” in what’s been described as a ‘$100 Million Ponzi Scheme,” this man appears to have left a trail of wreckage a mile wide.

Many victims may be asking themselves what they should do and are likely thinking things like: “He’s broke now, there is nothing we can do.”  Slow down and keep reading, our attorneys may just be able to help you.

First, Mr. Adams would not have been able to do every bit of this all alone.  There would certainly have have been others involved in many of the transactions, ranging from lawyers to bankers to accountants and who knows who or what else.  Some of these individuals, companies or banks may have been sufficiently involved to have civil liability.  The point? No one knows just yet who all the villains in this mess really are and victims would be well-advised to seek counsel immediately and start investigating and monitoring the matter as it proceeds through the criminal process.

Our team of attorneys is  already investigating these claims and watching the matter closely to identify all emerging avenues of recovery for the victims of this crime.

There are reasons you will want to act quickly, like properly identifying yourself as a creditor in any bankruptcy action or restitution order that might be created in the criminal process.  Another reason to move quickly would be the possibility that each claim may have multiple defendants.  That means this won’t likely be a “one size fits all” type case as there were numerous deals.  Any firm or group you hire will need to have skills and experience in these types of cases as well as plenty of resources to fight multiple groups of defendants and their attorneys for each client.

The group of attorneys we have assembled with has the resources and the skills to investigate any Ponzi Scheme Claim including the most recently alleged case here in Mississippi involving Madison, Mississippi Businessman Lamar Adams.  Our firms are eager and ready to work reviewing any claims where a Business, Individual or Family thinks they may have lost any money in any deal involving Lamar Adams.

Attorneys that are accustomed to handling corporate fraud or embezzlement cases or complex insurance cases are equipped with the skills and resources to find avenues of recovery when assets and investments turn out to be fictitious.

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