Prom Night Dangers!

Posted on Monday, April 9th, 2018 at 11:40 am    

As an attorney, I am far too familiar with a good time gone wrong than I would like to be, but it gives me insight that I can pass along to others that may just save a life.  We want people to be safe, because we see what happens when we they are not.  The consequences can be tragic, and that brings me to the subject of this article, “Prom Night”.

We all know what happens on Prom Night and we all know it’s not always good.  In fact, for some, Prom Night is downright tragic, life changing, and ruining.

We want this Prom Season to be a positive memory for as many folks as possible, so I’ve looked up some statistics to show you that I hope you will share with your teen. They are “sobering” to say the least!

  • Teen Traffic Deaths are higher during prom season than any other time of the year;
  • In the years preceding 2013, over 300 teens died during prom weekend in car wrecks;
  • One in three teens under the age of 21 who died in alcohol-related accidents, died during prom and graduation season;
  • 10% of parents believe its OK for teens to attend prom or graduation parties where alcohol is being served;
  • Date Rape and Sexual Assault against girls are very often alcohol or drug related.

See article citing statistics here Huffington Post:

Another frightening statistic posted at “Law for Kids” can be seen here and below:

“In 2013, 27% of fatal teen motor vehicle accidents occurred in April, May, and June, the peak of prom season, accounting for the deaths of 676 teenagers”

What happens if your teen causes an accident while intoxicated where someone is seriously injured or killed:

  1. Your teen may be seriously injured themselves… disabled, disfigured or paralyzed;
  2. Driving Under the Influence charges and convictions;
  3. Jail Time and a Felony Conviction if someone is seriously injured;
  4. A lifetime of Guilt, Depression and PTSD;
  5. Difficulty finding a job due to criminal convictions;
  6. Time consuming and emotionally difficult lawsuit when the injured party or parties sues you or your teen;
  7. A Negligent Entrustment lawsuit against you for allowing your child to drive a car if you knew they might drink and drive;
  8. Too many tragic consequences to list…

Are you thinking about hosting a party where alcohol will be served? So Teens will have “safe place” to drink?

Think again! And check out this article in the Clarion Ledger before doing so. While you may not be charged with a felony, you can get in a heck of a lot of trouble with the law.  This is especially true, if a teen you serve alcohol causes an accident or commits a crime after drinking at your home or other property.

What can you do?

  • Talk to your teen about having a designated driver, or better yet, provide one!
  • Don’t serve alcohol to minors. EVER!
  • Provide safe, alcohol and drug free after party;
  • Be a chaperone;
  • Take away the keys;
  • Be strong for your teen!
  • Be an adult!

Please tell your teens to be smart and be safe this year!  Make Prom 2018 a safe one!

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