Own a Taurus Handgun? Warning!

Posted on Monday, April 9th, 2018 at 3:17 pm    

Taurus sold almost a million handguns that can potentially fire without anyone pulling the trigger

Before people get fired up….I am a member of the NRA and staunch 2nd Amendment advocate.

I don’t, however, believe gun manufacturers should ever be let off the hook when their weapons malfunction and harm or kill people like the man in the article linked below.  Just like everyone else, Gun Manufacturers should have to take responsibility and pay the price when they harm people with defective products.


That quote above frightened me because I own a Taurus handgun and I wanted people to know about this as soon as I read it.  I just saw this article in the Bloomberg News and I have Linked it below.

Please check your guns and be sure you don’t own one of these weapons.  If you do, use extreme caution and see about getting the gun repaired.  In this situation, according to the article, the gun can fire accidentally without anyone touching the trigger.

No matter what type of gun you own:

  • Always treat a gun like its loaded;
  • Never point a gun in the direction of someone or something you don’t intend to shoot;
  • Always unload guns after use and store them appropriately;
  • Keep guns in places children cannot obtain access to them;
  • Handle with care and do everything you can to avoid dropping or mishandling the weapon;
  • Get instruction on how to handle a weapon;
  • Treat these guns like a hand grenade!

Click here to read the article from Bloomberg.com.

If you or a loved one are a victim of a gun malfunction, make sure to keep the gun and any parts that may have become detached during the malfunction in a safe place.  And Call a Lawyer Right Away!  You can call us at 662-533-9111.  We have access to experts that can examine a weapon that malfunctioned and get to the bottom of what happened.