Stop Bullying – Southaven Story

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 9:56 am    

Some of the worst stories I see in the news these days are the ones where a kid gets bullied and gives up. Sometimes they harm themselves and sometimes they harm others.  PLEASE SPEAK UP if you are aware of any bullying situation. You might save a life!

Be reasonable but speak up when your gut tells you to! If there is EVER any doubt about whether or not you should say something, call and ask a lawyer or some other qualified person about what to do. Conversations with attorneys, as well as many professionals, are confidential. Many lawyers will even talk to you about this type thing for FREE. So don’t pass up this opportunity if you witness a child (or adult) being bullied at school or work. Bullying can turn deadly before you know it!

Kids and others that are being bullied are often afraid to speak up for themselves so pay special attention when you suspect a child is being bullied. Have you seen this horrible WREG story on the child in Southaven that committed suicide, allegedly due to being bullied?

If you are a parent of a child who is being bullied, you can do something about it too! Many situations will automatically warrant a call to a lawyer or other qualified professional immediately, so be smart about the situations and act quickly when a concern arises. Always call for advice if parent-teacher or parent-principle meeting has failed to get results!

One thing a lawyer can do is put a school on “Official Notice” of a problem in a way a parent or concerned citizen might have trouble doing. This puts a school in a situation where they either do something about the bullying or they could put themselves in a position of being responsible for situations like this awful case in Southaven.  If a school is on “Notice” about something an aggrieved child or parent could file a lawsuit against them if the bullying continues or someone is hurt or killed. Schools know this!

We know lawsuits don’t bring back kids or wipe out the psychological damage caused by bullying but it can prevent schools from ignoring the situation next time they see it.

Speak up folks!  We are all responsible for the children in our community.