$72 Million Award in Alabama Talcum Powder Case

Posted on Friday, October 14th, 2016 at 9:49 pm    


In February 2016, a St. Louis jury awarded an Alabama woman and her family $72 million after it found Johnson & Johnson guilty of hiding evidence linking ovarian cancer to talcum powder.  After the news of the massive verdict spread, thousands of individuals have contacted lawyers to see if they might have a talcum powder case.  Have you or a family member used talcum powder for feminine hygiene?  You may have a claim if you have been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.

Statute of Limitations Warning

Because the word is out about these cases in publications and in attorney marketing, time may be running short for claims.  Contact a lawyer immediately if you or someone in your family may have been affected by talcum powder.

Currently, there are still talcum powder trials happening in St. Louis (Johnson & Johnson corporation headquarters).  Hopefully this will mean more big verdicts against Johnson & Johnson which could lead to more settlements down the road for women who have suffered from ovarian cancer from using baby powder.

Since talcum powder is marketed to babies, most people assume it would be safe for genital use.  Surprisingly, there have been studies since the 70’s that have linked talc to cancer. A study that was released this year found that among some women, genital use of powder is linked with a 44 percent increased risk for ovarian cancer.

If you or someone you know has ovarian cancer and a history of using baby powder, call Roberts Wilson at 662-533-9111.

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