Speed Makes A BIG Difference

Posted on Monday, May 30th, 2016 at 5:59 pm    

Slow Children PlayingIts hard to believe that just a few Miles Per Hour can have such a dramatic effect on the degree of injury but it does.  Going just a little bit slower can save a life.  Going just a little bit slower reduces the risk of deaths and fatalities greatly.  Check out this article at Gizmodo about the speed factor in car vs. pedestrian collisions.  It tells you how much speed increases your likelihood of dying when struck by a car.  Its very telling.

  • Slowing Down Just a Little Can Reduce The Risk of Death in an Auto Accident Dramatically!

Its not just the impact that is effected by speed.  With each MPH faster you travel, you lose a little bit of control.  Check out this article from smartmotorist.com that gives you an idea about how much control you have at varying speeds (scroll down to the speed section in the article).  Its amazing how much more control you have just by going 5 mph slower in many situations.

I noticed this a long time ago while driving some of Mississippi’s hill country roads.  The amount of control I feel in my own car at 50 mph is often far greater than the control I have at 60 mph. It only took a little while practicing law as an injury attorney to see the tragic results of speed on my clients as well.

If you believe speed was a factor in a serious car wreck, be sure to call an injury lawyer skilled in auto accident case to investigate the incident right away.  Getting a lawyer involved in your case quickly can save you and your loved ones a lot of heartache in the long run.

Attorney Fees

As a general rule, injury lawyers, investigate accidents for free to see if they can help.  This means they work on a what is called a contingency fee and that they will not charge you unless the case is successful.  This is the way we handle cases at RWPA.  There is never a fee at Roberts Wilson, P.A. unless we collect for you in your injury case.

Be Safe Mississippi!!