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Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 at 8:56 pm    

Talcum Powder – Ovarian Cancer
10635729_944425532250043_8402305192788008837_nYou may have heard about the recent giant 4.6 Billion Dollar Verdict against Johnson & Johnson by now but let me tell you a little bit more about it here. The verdict concerns the link between Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder and what Johnson & Johnson hid from women.

Also known as Talc, there are lots of products that contain this material, including but not limited to, Baby Powder, Shower to Shower, Gold Bond and many more.

Talcum powder use has been proven in court to put women at a much higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson is being punished by the jury here for its choice to not to warn women about the dangers and lying to them.  Johnson & Johnson earned this verdict!

This most recent 4.6 Billion Dollar verdict, discussed in this CNN article, concerned 22 women who frequently used Johnson & Johnson talcum powder products for feminine hygiene and eventually developed ovarian cancer.  Some of these 22 women did not live to see their day in court because they had died as a result of ovarian cancer that was caused by the J&J talcum powder.

Closer to home, there was another big verdict against Johnson & Johnson for the same behavior a few years ago.  That lawsuit concerned a lady named Jackie Fox of Birmingham who was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2013 and died in October of 2015. Ms. Fox’s suit alleged that Johnson & Johnson’s product Baby Powder and Shower to Shower caused her to develop Ovarian Cancer which ultimately led to her death.

World renowned OB/GYN Epidemiologist, Dr. Daniel Cramer testified about his own studies showing increased risk of Ovarian Cancer among women who use Talc containing products in the pelvic region for feminine hygiene.  This guy was the one who tried to get Johnson & Johnson to warn women or change its ingredients years ago.  They didn’t listen. Or didn’t want to because they were making too much money.

What’s the worst part of this?

Johnson & Johnson has known for decades that it’s Talc containing products like Baby Powder and Shower to Shower could be putting women at higher risk for developing Ovarian Cancer BUT DID NOTHING to warn its customers.  As one of the Ms. Fox’s attorneys put it:

They made a conscious decision not to warn the customers they were using a very dangerous product ……What Johnson & Johnson did to cover up what it knew to be a deadly risk of its signature product is simply outrageous.

The Verdict

The jury awarded Ms. Fox’s family $10 Million Dollars in damages and $62 Million Dollars in Punitive Damages for Johnson & Johnson’s failure to warn her about the dangers of Talc. Click here to read more about this case.

Who’s At Risk?

Approximately 22,000 women are diagnosed with Ovarian cancer each year and more than 14,000 of these women will die. To put the numbers into perspective, 1 out of 70 women will get Ovarian Cancer in the general population. However, female users of Talc Containing Products have 1 in 50 chance of developing the disease. At least one expert has testified that as many as 45,000 women have died as a result of Ovarian Cancer that could be attributed to Talc Containing Products like Baby Powder or Shower to Shower. We understand that the longer a woman uses talc for feminine hygiene, the more likely her chances of developing Ovarian Cancer become.

Are There Safer Products?

Yes there is! Corn Starch, for instance is already in use as a substitute in products that have historically used talc as its base ingredient. These products do the same thing and corn starch to be much safer for use in feminine hygiene applications. Please take time Research corn starch products and consider this as an alternative to Talc Containing Products.

What if You’ve Been Effected?

If you or a loved one has developed Ovarian Cancer and have used a Talc Containing Product like Shower to Shower or Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, our office would like to talk with you. We will visit with you and discuss you or your loved one’s situation and help you decide what to do next for free. Our initial consultations are always 100% CONFIDENTIAL and free. We never charge a fee unless we collect for our clients. To set up a visit with an attorney or intake specialist, please call 662-533-9111.