Defective Smoke Alarm Tests — Videos

Posted on Monday, March 14th, 2016 at 8:42 pm    

Smoke AlarmIt is horrifying to think that in this day and time a smoke alarm company would continue to sell or market inferior smoke alarms with defective “Ionization Technology” when far better “Photoelectric Technology” and “Duel Technology” is available and cheap.  But it happens….and, as you can see, in the attached video by the World Fire Safety Foundation, minutes and seconds count in a house fire.

You won’t believe what happens in this “Aquarium Test” performed by WTHR in Indiana that dramatically shows the why ionization smoke alarms are defective.  Ionization and Photoelectric technology are the two types of smoke detectors most commonly found in homes and smoldering fires just wont be detected by Ionization Technology until long after the fire starts!

To put it bluntly, poisonous smoke from a smoldering fire can you kill a person long before an Ionization smoke alarm ever even activates.

In tests, the Photoelectric smoke alarms can go off as much as 15 minutes before an Ionization smoke alarm and there is no place where seconds and minutes count more than in a house fire.  I’ve heard tragic story after tragic story of people found just inside doors by firemen because they could not make it the few steps to the front door after being overcome with smoke.  In a house fire, TIME IS PRECIOUS!

While it feels like the worst possible time to think about a fire investigation  or hiring a lawyer after losing a loved one in a fire, investigations into house fire cases must be done promptly to preserve vital evidence.  House fires are especially vulnerable to evidence disappearing because scrap iron thieves and copper thieves will steal appliances that may have been involved in the fire to sell for scrap. Vital evidence can disappear and reduce your chances of being able to hold the At-Fault company responsible and taking care of your family.

Time is of the essence to secure a house fire scene so be sure speak to, or have a trusted loved speak with a lawyer immediately on your behalf so the scene can be preserved.  House Fire Attorneys investigate a for free to see if they can help.  Neither Roberts Wilson, P.A. or any firm I am familiar with will charge a fee to investigate a fire case for a family.

To read more, check out WTHR in Indiana’s investigative reporting on the issue here and call a lawyer right away to have fires investigated promptly to preserve evidence.

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