Tire Blowout Rollover — Video

Posted on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 at 10:42 pm    


Since I first started driving, my father who is also a lawyer, has warned me about how dangerous tire blowouts can be and how to get off the road safely when you feel a tire going low as fast as possible.  Not everyone is so lucky to notice and a lot of tires simply blow out or have their tread separate instantaneously.  When that happens, there is little you can do.  Though the driver walked away, the driver of the car in the trucker’s dash cam video was not so lucky.

Click on this VIDEO LINK and see just how fast things can go horribly wrong.  The simple truth, every driver on the road has to be ready for this type of catastrophic tire failure all the time because there is very little one can do.

Tire Safety!

While winter time is not the worst time for tires to have problems, if you are caught out in the cold with a flat tire or have a blowout, the conditions themselves can be dangerous.  Click here for tire safety tips.

Please be safe out there!

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