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Posted on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 at 5:36 pm    

shutterstock_32333362Take a look at this dramatic VIDEO footage of two police officers risking their lives to rescue an injured motorist. These two officers are heroes and there is no doubt they saved her life.

So, what is the #1 Take-Away from this story?

  • Call the police when you encounter erratic or impaired drivers! You might just save a life!


In this case, an alert citizen reported the erratic driving and the police were already on their way to the area when the crash happened. Had the police not been in route to the area, this would have been a fatality.

#2 Take-Away

What is not so obvious in this video? This vehicle fire probably should have never happened and this vehicle may have been the subject of a recall.

I am talking about Defective Products and Defective Motor Vehicle Safety Features. Cars are designed to withstand certain impacts and protect against post-crash fires. While we do not know exactly what happened here, we can speculate that the gas tank, fuel lines or other flammable features of the vehicle may not have been appropriately protected from this impact.

Some of the types of vehicle defects that lead to post crash fires are as follows:

  • Cheaply made gas tanks and or protective covering – not puncture proof
  • Placing superior metal parts in close proximity to a gas tank
  • Fuel line defects
  • Improper positioning near outside of vehicle
  • Missing parts (failure to install protective covering)

As you can see in this USA Today article linked here, Jeep Cherokees are an example of a car that suffered a number of post-crash fires that were likely preventable.

Did you here about the “Sudden Accelleration” cases concerning Toyota vehicles discussed in this New York Times article?  My first reaction when I watched the police rescue VIDEO linked above, was to think the driver must have been driving under the influence or suffering some sort of health problem.

A lawyer investigating this car wreck would want to immediately preserve the vehicle and investigate the cause of this crash.  If sudden acceleration was a factor, the driver would have a claim against the vehicle manufacturer.

Judging from the injuries visible on the VIDEO, this person looks very seriously injured and compensation for serious injuries like this could be very substantial if a products liability, design defect or manufacturing defect is found and proven to have caused the wreck or failed to prevent the injuries, like air-bag failure.

After any car wreck involving serious injuries or death, a victim or family member should always take advantage of a qualified personal injury attorney’s no-cost, no-obligation and confidential consultation.  It is free and it could save you or a loved one a lot of headaches and money.

Please Drive Safely!

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