Inside a Car Wreck — Video

Posted on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 at 10:38 pm    

Ever wonder what happens inside a car during a wreck? Take a look at this dramatic VIDEO footage from inside this passenger vehicle during a double impact collision.

Do you see how the driver is thrown around the car even with a seat belt? This guy could be seriously hurt and not even realize it yet. In, many collisions, crash victims don’t begin to feel the real pain until hours later. Our bodies just aren’t designed to be thrown around like this but while the adrenaline is pumping, our pain can be masked.


While no bones appear to have been broken in this wreck, muscles, tendons and ligaments are certainly strained and possibly torn in a collision like this. The tissue is literally stretched beyond its normal range of motion.  These are called “Soft Tissue Injuries” and they can be very serious.  Not everyone is a football player!  Click this Spine Universe Link to read more about soft tissue injuries.

One of the more common injuries we see resulting from car wrecks are bulging, herniated or ruptured discs. When our bodies are suddenly jerked around like this, something has to give and sometimes its the disc.  The pain resulting from a bulging or ruptured disc can be debilitating and disabling but sometimes conservative treatment like physical therapy can provide relief.  Unfortunately, disc injury pain will sometimes mean a surgery is the only possible solution.  Here is another Spine Universe Link about bulging and herniated disc injuries.


What is not that obvious in the video is a dangerous defect in the vehicle. Pay close attention and you will notice that the driver’s seat back breaks backwards. This is not supposed to happen and is just one example of the numerous hidden defects in millions of American vehicles. This defect likely contributed to the severity of this man’s injuries but it looks like it could have been much worse!

How much worse could this wreck have been? Take a look at this news broadcast VIDEO from Los Angeles based KKTV about seat back defects.  Other defects we see in automobile crashes include air bag failure, seat belt failure and gas tank fires like the horrific defect discussed in this news broadcast from WTHR.

If you have questions about an auto accident or if you are just not sure if your vehicle safety features worked properly during a wreck, talk to a lawyer experienced in accident and crash-worthiness investigations as soon as possible. Evidence gets away very quickly when vehicles are sold for salvage and if a vehicle is lost, vital evidence will also be lost.  What may have been a strong case could turn into an impossible one!

The Good News About Talking to a Personal Injury Law Firm?

Almost all personal injury law firms that handle car wreck cases and defective product cases will review an accident claim for free and keep all your information confidential.  This is the way Roberts Wilson, P.A. Injury Lawyers handles our case evaluations and initial consultations.  Vist us at for additional information or call us at 662-533-9111 to set up your appointment.  We have investigators and meeting locations in Greenwood, Holly Springs, Oxford and Greenville, Mississippi.

Keep this in mind: You do not have to hire a personal injury lawyer or attorney just because you speak to one about your case. However,  speaking to lawyer can help you avoid costly and painful mistakes after and it will allow you to take comfort in knowing you did all you could do for yourself or your loved one by speaking to an expert.

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