Missouri Ole Miss Students in Fatal Car Wreck on Hwy 7

Posted on Sunday, November 10th, 2013 at 5:28 pm    

Another Tragic Car Wreck Strikes Ole Miss Family

Every fall, for at least the last three years, the Ole Miss family has experienced tragic multiple-fatality car accidents. Unfortunately, this year is no different.  Early Saturday morning a fatal car wreck that is still under investigation took the lives of University of Mississippi students, Christopher J. Grimaud, 20, of St. Louis County, and Kevin J. Eagan, 18, of St. Charles County.  Two others injured in the wreck are,  Arthur Lueking and James Connors.  All victims were from Missouri.  The cause of the latest accident is still under investigation. Click here to see a news report on this tragic accident. Please remind your friends and family to drive safely!

In 2011, three young boys from Madison, Mississippi were killed in a single car accident near Vaiden, Mississippi while returning to Ole Miss after a trip home for the weekend.  I understand these boys were trying to get back in time to go to church with their fraternity.

In 2012, two Ole Miss students from Maryland were killed when a SUV being driven by another Ole Miss student, who has since been charged with DUI Death, crossed the median and hit the siblings’ car head on.

Please pray for the latest accident victims and their families!  Please pray for the families who have had old wounds opened up by this latest tragedy.

As Always, Please:

Don’t Drink and Drive;

Don’t Speed;

Don’t Text and Drive;

Buckle Up!