Dump Truck Accident

Posted on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 at 4:04 am    

The Northeast Daily Journal is reporting that a family was involved in a terrible accident with a dump truck near New Albany.  The crash appears to have occurred along a portion of Highway 78 that is under construction.  Then Northeast Daily Journal article linked here makes it sound as if the dump truck driver was trying to turn across the median on Highway 78 or make a U-Turn.  

Normally, the median is not intended to be used like this so you have to wonder what the dump truck driver was doing and whether or not any laws may have been violated by making such a maneuver on a busy highway.  Considering the speed that cars generally travel along Highway 78, it certainly sounds like a hazardous maneuver.

This tragic accident involving severe injuries to children reminded me of another tragedy in Desoto County several years ago where a overloaded dump truck crashed into car at a stoplight because the truck was unable to stop.  The teenage victim in that wreck suffered brain damage and cannot care for himself.

In the Desoto County Dump Truck case, the attorneys for the injured man were able to find several things wrong with the way the truck was loaded which led to them being able to place a significant amount of  blame for the crash on the company that loaded the truck.  This allowed the lawyers to reach additional insurance to provide vital additional coverage for the young man who suffered severe brain damage due to the crash.

The jury verdict in the Southaven Dump Truck case was $30 Million Dollars due to the long term care required because of the severe brain damage the teenager suffered.

In a wreck like the New Albany dump truck accident, an attorney will want to thoroughly investigate the dump truck driver, the company the driver worked for, the company that loaded the truck and the construction company, among others.  There are multiple angles that MUST be investigated in a case like this to be sure all parties who are responsible for the crash are identified.  If all the angles are not investigated, the family may not be fully compensated. 

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