Distracted Driver Website at UAB

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2011 at 7:46 pm    

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Transporation Center focuses on “Traffic Safety and Injury Control.”  I found the page on distracted drivers particularly interesting.  UAB is doing great things with the study of distractions behind the wheel as well as developing ways to stop accidents caused by distracted drivers.  Click Here to Visit UAB Transporation Center Website.

One study UABTC performed found that 100 people in the study had reported having an accident while texting or operating a smart phone or other device.  Three of the people in the study reported having more than one wreck while texting or operating a smart phone.

For more information on Distracted Drivers, Check out the following links:

Oprah’s NO PHONE ZONE and the U.S. Government Anti Texting Website,  DISTRACTION.GOV