Citronella Candle Danger

Posted on Saturday, June 11th, 2011 at 4:01 pm    

I read an article recently that reminded me how important it is to keep our guard up while enjoying summertime activities. Years ago while I was camping with other experienced outdoorsmen, we tipped over a burner we were using to cook on and the hut we were in momentarily caught fire.  We were miles away from civilization and  it was dark.  We were lucky  that  nobody got hurt but it could have been disastrous.

The point is even experienced outdoorsman, grillers and campers can let their guard down sometimes and people can get injured doing the simplest of things.

The article I read in the New York Times this morning was about a mosquito repellent citronella device that had erupted into flames causing serious life threatening injuries to those near by.

Below are excerpts from the New York Times article by William Rashbaum:

“The two accidents, less than a week apart, involved the same product: a gel fuel for ceramic firepots, scented with citronella to ward off insects on hot summer nights, and purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond.”

“The fuel is marketed by the retailer as FireGel, “the Safe Pourable Gel.” But survivors and witnesses to the two blazes likened it to a Molotov cocktail without so much as a wick.”

“It’s just like gasoline in a bottle,” said Nancy Reyer, a single mother whose only child, Michael Hubbard, has been clinging to life in a hospital in Stony Brook on Long Island for nearly two weeks. “Watching my son just go up in flames like a tree — it just devastates me. I can’t get that image out of my mind.”

The article about “Fire Gel” in the New York Times can be read by clicking here.

Remember not to let your guard down when handling flammables.  The summer is a great time to be outdoors but it is also time when kids are all over the place and into everything.  Keep an eye on them and have a safe summer!

In the unfortunate event that you or someone you know is injured by a defective product such as the one discussed above, you can contact our office at (662) 533-9111 to discuss your rights.